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Monday, June 5th, 2006
3:27 pm
Eric Gregg
Sad to hear about Eric Gregg. One of the most enjoyable interviews I ever conducted, which became one of my all-time favorite stories. Eric, my thoughts are with you and "The Warden."

From the archives:

August 26–September 2, 1999

cover story
Interview with the Umpire
Eric Gregg, the legendary plump ump from Philly, opens up about the game, the fans and the prospect of losing his job.

by Howard Altman

photographs by Andrew Campbell

The sun is bright, and a stiff, refreshing wind is blowing in from Lake Michigan, a mile or so from the right field wall of the time tunnel ballpark at Clark and Addison.

It is a Friday afternoon in early August and the Chicago Cubs are yet again one of baseball’s worst teams. But that does not deter nearly 39,000 people from interrupting their day at noon to watch the Northside Nine play two games against the division-leading Houston Astros. There’s still Sammy Sosa and his pursuit of Mark McGwire in the home run derby.

And this is still Wrigley Field.

As the fans ignore the standings and scream for a Cubs victory, the big man in the blue suit standing on the grass just behind third base puts his hands on his prodigious hips and takes it all in. Eric Gregg, West Philly High grad and Major League umpire, says Wrigley is his favorite ballpark, in his favorite city, in part because "I can smell the hot dogs grilling when I walk on the field."

But this trip is a little different for the 48-year-old Gregg. Earlier this season, the National League — Gregg’s employer — levied a $5,000 fine against the plump ump for exceeding his 300-pound plus weight limit and suspended him for two weeks from July 1 to 14.

And that’s only the beginning of Gregg’s woes. After 23 years in the business, a World Series, playoffs, two no-hitters, first-class travel, soap opera cameos, hot dog commercials, countless charity appearances, a book and the resulting fame of being baseball’s most recognizable arbiter, Gregg will probably be standing on the unemployment line as of next week. He is one of 22 umpires (out of 68 in both leagues) who, pending a highly unlikely last-ditch compromise with Major League Baseball, will be out of a job on Sept. 2.

With his visibility, Gregg is enduring an arduous love-hate relationship with the fans. He is at once beloved and berated, the poster boy for labor stupidity and the arrogance of umpires. At least that’s how it seems from the loud chorus of boos, fat jokes, unemployment jibes and derisive catcalls from the stands that rain down on Gregg from the stands.

Thanks to a controversial and highly questionable labor strategy cooked up in July by the umpires’ union at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott, this will likely be Gregg’s last baseball journey to Sweet Home Chicago.

And oh what a journey it is.

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
7:38 pm
Harwood Not Gun Shy About Blasting Bush, Blair
Housewife, mother, teacher of Mandarin, Katharine Harwood is happily more than a year removed from the harsh glare of the international spotlight.

“It’s a quiet life right now,” she writes in an email. “Thankfully.”

But, thanks to current events, that may soon change.

Back in February of 2004, before she was married, she was Katharine Gun – the former Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) whistleblower who leaked an email detailing U.S. plans to bug UN diplomats during the run-up to the Iraq war. She was cleared on charges of violating the British Official Secrets Act after prosecutors opted not to offer any evidence against her. As she walked out of The Old Bailey and ultimately, into peaceful obscurity, she thought she was done being a global cause celebre.

Then came the Valerie Plame case and the news that Lewis “Scooter” Libby – chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney – had been indicted for lying to investigators looking into who outed Plame’s secret identity as a deep cover CIA agent.

So much for the quiet life.

Harwood, enraged at what she sees as dirty tricks by the United States in the run-up, is stepping back into the fray.

“There needs to be a full and independent investigation into the administration’s manipulation of evidence and intelligence,” writes Harwood in one of several interviews conducted via email over the past several weeks. “There are stacks and stacks of leads and it’s time that people started to take notice. It’s time that the media start to dig deep and ask searching questions.”

Harwood began asking her own searching questions back in the first months of 2003, when she received an email from a superior at the British spy agency in which the U.S. National Security Agency was asking its British counterparts to electronically intercept phone calls to and from members of the UN security council as the Bush administration prepared to make its case for war.

The email, which originated from Frank Koza at the NSA, was titled “Reflections of Iraq Debate/Votes at UN-RT Actions + Potential for Related Contributions.”

“As you’ve likely heard by now,” reads a copy first obtained by The Observer, “the Agency is mounting a surge particularly directed at the UN Security Council (UNSC) members (minus US and GBR of course) for insights as to how to membership is reacting to the on-going debate RE: Iraq, plans to vote on any related resolutions, what related policies/negotiating positions they may be considering, alliances/dependencies etc – the whole gamut of information that could give US policymakers an edge in obtaining results favorable to US goals or head off surprises.”

When the email popped up on her computer, Harwood was outraged.

“I was angry and disgusted at how low we were being asked to go,” she writes.

The memo’s meaning struck Harwood “instantly.”

“It hit me immediately how the email spoke volumes about the administration’s true intentions,” writes Harwood.

After debating for about six days whether to share the email, Harwood says ultimately, she had no choice.

“I decided to come forward with it because I felt it was wrong,” she says. “Bush and Blair were saying publicly that they were seeking a diplomatic route and wanted to avoid conflict, but this email proved otherwise. It became apparent to me that they wanted war and were attempting to gain legitimacy by undermining the democratic processes of the UN.”

Harwood says she knew she was taking a big risk by leaking the email.

“I blocked out of my mind the consequences as I knew that I would probably chicken out if I dwelled on them too much,” she writes.

When she made her decision to go forward, Harwood says that she reached out to a contact who knew a journalist. That person contacted The Observer and on March 2, 2003, the paper published a story exposing the email. For Harwood, life would never be the same. A week later, she was arrested and charged with violating the Official Secrets Act. Less than two weeks after her arrest, the US and Britain attacked Iraq.

At the time, Harwood’s lawyers told the media that they were going to pursue a “necessity defense,” arguing that disclosing the email was necessary to prevent the loss of life in the upcoming war. Last year, British prosecutors – perhaps fearing the public airing of secret and embarrassing information – opted not to offer any evidence against her and the case was dropped.

Harwood says she hopes that, in the wake of the Valerie Plame affair, more Americans will pay attention to the administration's twisting of the truth.

"As for being in the spotlight again, I wouldn't say that I am," she writes. "It was just a couple of radio interviews with stations like WBAI and Air America Phoenix. The issues have never gone away, they have just been dormant and ignored by the mainstream press. I believe that many people have only just started to realise what is happening since the hurricanes battered the US. Even some pro-war British commentators have said things like 'I did believe in toppling Saddam and I thought Bush was right to do so, but now that I've seen how he couldn't even handle a natural catastrophe, I have re-evaluated my position. I now think he was the worst person to set about doing this".' I think many Americans also started to feel this way and that is why the issues have surfaced in the US. Until now, it has seemed to be almost treason to question the authority of the President."

But there are many good reasons to ask questions, she writes.

“Who knows how many Plame’s contacts have suffered since her name was made public?” asks Harwood. “I think the indictment of Libby is the first step, but there is so much more to this than one man lying in court. Ambassador [Joe] Wilson [Plame’s husband] had exposed the fake claims about Iraq seeking uranium from Niger. Who produced those fake documents and why? For who? What other documents used as evidence for war were faked, if any?”

Harwood, who listened to her conscience and faced the consequences, says that it is time for Bush and Blair to do the same.

“It’s not too late and it’s time that the US government and their UK counterparts face the consequences, like the thousands of people who have suffered as a direct result of this war do everyday.”
Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
3:26 pm
Good Night Sweet Gilligan
Word is in that Bob Denver died.
Here's a pretty hilarious interview I did with him a few years back.

January 4–11, 1996

20 questions

Bob Denver
By Howard Altman

Background: Bob Denver didn't set out to be the world's most famous First Mate.

After graduating from high school in Brownwood, Texas, Denver enrolled as a pre-law student at Loyola University. But somewhere along the line, he stumbled upon the Del-Ray Players and, hi-diddle-dee-dee, found the actor's life was for he, er, him. However, Denver's first thespian gig was as house manager for the troupe.

His first role was perhaps a harbinger of things to come. Denver played comic relief in the Caine Mutiny, a play about things that go wrong on the high seas — a topic Denver grew to know intimately as goofy gob Gilligan.

Ah, but first there was the stage, where Denver once appeared with Jack Haley, Jr. And between gigs there was a stint, believe it or not, as athletic director at Corpus Christi School in Southern California.

Finally, Denver made it to the small screen as Maynard G. Crebs, the beatnik foil to Dobbie Gillis. But it was not until he weighed anchor for the world's longest three-hour tour that Denver became the icon he is today, known the world over as a nitwit in a sailor cap.

You can meet Denver Jan. 6 at the Philadelphia Boat Show in the Convention Center, 12th and Arch Sts. The Boat Show runs Jan. 3-7. For more info call (610) 449-9910.

Why should anyone buy a boat from someone so closely associated with the world's most famous nautical disaster?

I don't sell boats, I just sign autographs. But I'll also be checking out a few of the boats myself.

How often do you get out on the water these days?

Not often. Whenever I rent a boat, I hear all the bad lines. Oh, you must be renting this for three hours, right? Renting a boat is really hilarious. That's why I haven't been out for over 10 years. But now I am looking for a flat bottom row boat. I need a boat so I can clean out the cattails in my pond before it becomes a meadow.

After 31 years, do you ever get sick of being Gilligan?

No. I think for most people it has been a great childhood memory, many years of watching the same thing over and over again.

But has it become a burden?

No. There is nothing you can do about it, so I sit back and enjoy it.

So, we won't see Bob Denver doing himself in like George Reeves of Superman fame?

No. No Superman, no groupies, no Trekies...

Gilligan. First name or last?

I never thought of it, but people kept asking me. So one day, I called the writer and he told me it would have been Willie Gilligan. We're still fighting that one out.

Ok, everyone always asks you whether you preferred Ginger or Mary Ann. But say the girls stayed home. Would you have preferred the Skipper or the Professor. Or Mr. Howell?

Oh please.

No, really.

What are you trying to say?

Well, all that time alone on an island with just you and those three. I imagine you'd get a hankering...

No, it doesn't matter how long you are on an island.

Well, speaking of sex, do you think you could sell a show like Gilligan's Island in today's twisted Melrose Place culture?

It would be very difficult to imagine it being done. But from all the grown-ups I hear from, they wish they had shows like Gilligan's Island on at 8 p.m.

So what do you watch?

I like Home Improvement. They don't try to make Tim Allen do anything he's not capable of.

Anything else?

I liked American Gothic, but it didn't make it. It must have had a bad time slot.

Why is there so much bad TV out there?

I think because the writers hear the audience laugh [in the studio], the writers think they are being funny. But the audiences laugh because they want to hear their laughter on the soundtrack. If you made them pay five bucks a head, you would hear a different kind of laughter.

If you could write a pilot, what would it be about?

I always wanted to do a series about a guy that bought a used blimp that he could live in. He kind of got cranky and takes off. From the side of the blimp he could advertise and he travels around the country, very slowly, making a living that way, supporting a cause.

What cause?

I have no idea. But it would be a fun show to do. Sort of like Route 66 in a blimp. He would have wicker furniture in the cab, which is nice and light and we would give him a pet.

What kind?

He should have birds. Pigeons that come home to the blimp. Hunting hawks.

Now that you live in mountainous West Virginia, how often do you get mistaken for John Denver?


What do your children think about growing up with Gilligan for a dad?

My son Patrick, who's 35 now, had a real fun experience. He did one of the episodes, when he was five and played a young Gilligan. He did a real good job. When he showed up on the day he was working, they painted out my name on the dressing room door and painted his name in. My chair disappeared, but they had a chair for Patrick. They treated him like a star.

But how did he and your daughter Megan react to having a famous father?

For a while, it was what every dad does for a living. The teenage years were hard. And after a while, they got used to it. You can't avoid it or make believe it didn't happen.

What about your 11-year-old Colin?

For him, it was something I did a long time ago. It's not even like watching me anymore, it's like watching my son.

I remember you talking about going into the miniature golf business. How's it going?

We are going to have one built in Charleston, West Virginia. It will be called Bob Denver's Putt-Putt and have 18 holes set in a jungle, with special effects. If you get a hole in one on the 18th hole, a volcano goes off. Plus, there will be a video arcade and two computer-generated golf courses so that you can play the world's top courses.

Why golf?

I want to build them all over the country. In every city. All the money raised will go to the handicapped. The money stays in the community where the course is located.
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
6:40 pm
Grilled McClellan
It's good to see the White House press gaggle find their spines and grill Bush flak Scott McClellan but good over the Valerie Plame affair.

Back in October, 2003, I interviewed her husband and asked him if he thought George Bush was to blame for outing Plame. Here's what he said, in a trip down memory lane, available, for purchase, at featurewell.com. - The Management

Joe Wilson is on the phone with some serious allegations about the people who work for the president.

Joseph Wilson IV, the former ambassador to Gabon and the man who told the world that the Bush administration certainly should have known better about Saddam Hussein's efforts to purchase uranium in Niger, wants to talk about how denizens of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. dimed out his wife's secret life as a CIA operative.

"If what Novak said is accurate, it is a breach of U.S. national security and a violation of American law," says Wilson, referring to Robert Novak and his July 14 Chicago Sun-Times column headlined "The Mission to Niger." Novak wrote that Wilson's "wife, Valerie Plame, is an agency operative on weapons of mass destruction. Two senior administration officials told me his wife suggested sending Wilson to Niger "

Novak's column, in essence, says that Wilson's trip to Niger was set up without CIA director George Tenet's knowledge. And, that Wilson's findings -- that the British claim about Hussein purchasing uranium yellowcake was based on a forged document -- were inconclusive.

But, in Novak's attempt to spin this story on behalf of the White House, all of Plame's contacts and missions were compromised. Now the White House is the target of a Justice Department probe into who compromised Plame.

Not surprisingly, Wilson is irate.

He's already contacted the FBI and CIA and asked for investigations.

Wilson tells me he will let the investigators figure out who outed his wife. But, while he doesn't know for sure who leaked to Novak, Wilson's pretty sure he knows where they work.

"I have every reason to believe, from what people have told me, that it was people at the White House."

Wilson, by the way, does not hold Bush accountable for the leak.

"I don't think the president -- I can't imagine the president would have anything to do with this," Wilson says when I ask him if Bush should be impeached if he is linked to the leak. "This is not the sort of thing he or his family -- I knew his family since [the time I was] his father's ambassador to Gabon -- would do."

Wilson tells me he blames "political operators operating below [the president's] particular screen" for blowing his wife's cover.

And, though on July 6 he wrote in a New York Times editorial that " I have little choice but to conclude that some of the intelligence related to Iraq's nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat," Wilson doesn't blame the president for the infamous 16 words in his January State of the Union speech. (That passage -- "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa" -- helped Bush justify war in Iraq.)

Though two administration officials have now apologized for ignoring CIA warnings that the Niger uranium tale was bunk, Wilson apparently doesn't believe the president's actions are on par with staining a blue dress.

"I don't see how [Bush's words are] impeachable. The president acted on good faith. The president is badly serviced by senior people around him," says Wilson, who's unwilling to name names.

Well, was Bush truthful to the nation?

"I don't believe the administration adequately explained how much [the occupation of Iraq] will cost or how long it will take," he says, adding that this nation should think about being over there for "five, 10, 15, maybe 20 years."

"Yes," I nudge, "but was the administration truthful?"

"I think the administration had its ideas on what it wanted to accomplish," he answers.

I push once more about Bush's veracity.

"Put it this way," he says, relenting. "It is not really something I can answer. It will be determined through the process of an ongoing debate and, ultimately, at the ballot box."

Wilson, who has repeatedly stated that the outing of his wife was a "shot across the bow" at anyone else considering coming forward with damning information, tells me that potential fellow whistleblowers are already starting to reach out "indirectly" to express concerns about the consequences of releasing information they might have.

With the president due in town today, I ask Wilson if he has any message for him.

"No," he says. "I have no message for him."

Who knew what?

And when?

The questions we were asking the Nixon administration, we are asking again, 30 years later.

Now, it's who knew that Niger was a lie? When did they find out? Who knew about the leak? When did they find out?

Wilson, I think, is being a little too kind to Bush.

These are very serious questions.

Especially now that we are looking at a decade of paying with blood and money to do in Iraq what we could be doing here. Rebuilding cities. Establishing democracy.

Especially when the administration, exposed for lying to the public, compromises national security just to get back at the whistleblower who called the White House on its lie.

With so many lives on the line and so much money at stake, these questions make Watergate seem almost trivial. And Monicagate? Feh.

Yet Nixon resigned and Clinton was impeached.

It is time, President Bush, to answer these questions.

And, if you knew about the leak and knew about the lie, it is time for you to go.

Also by Howard Altman:
LET MY PEOPLE DRINK A Monterrey, Mexico distillery is about to introduce a Kashruth tequila. But are Jews clamoring for margaritas to honor Moses?

MORDECHAI VANUNU SWIMS AGAINST THE TIDE The nuclear whistleblower says he is taking risks to deliver a message. He says the United States -- which is trying to get the International Atomic Energy Agency to crack down on Iran's atomic activities -- should take the same stern approach with Israel.

SIBEL DISAGREEMENT A former FBI contract linguist who was fired in March, 2002, after complaining about problems in the bureau's main translation center, recently faxed a five-page letter on to 9-11 commission chair Thomas Kean, demanding that he publicly explain why the commission did not adequately address her wide-ranging allegations.
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
7:18 pm
Review of FBI's Handling of Info Related to 9/11
Damn but it's been a while. New job, new house, new everything. But life has been good. I'm in Tampa, editing courts and cops stories for the Tampa Tribune in a place where, well, let's let Carl Hiaasen explain: “Detective Karl Rovaag belonged in the Midwest. This he knew in his heart and he was reminded of it every day when he went to work.
Practically anywhere in the upper Midwest would have been fine; Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota or even the Dakotas. There the crimes were typically forthright and obvious, ignited by greed, lust or alcohol. Florida was more complicated and extreme, and nothing could be assumed. Every scheming shitwad in America turned up here sooner or later, such were the opportunities for predation.”

Yup, that sums up my life.

In the meanwhile, here's the official OIG report on the FBI's handling of 9/11, released in a redacted version a few days ago. Submitted, as Rod Serling used to say, for your approval. Courtesy of FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds.

On June 7, 2005, the unclassified, redacted version of the Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) report that examined the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) handling of intelligence information related to the September 11 attacks was released. The OIG report examined what intelligence information the FBI had in its possession prior to the September 11 attacks that potentially was related to those attacks. The FBI Director and Congress requested that the OIG conduct this review. Among other issues, the OIG examined the FBI’s handling of the Zacarias Moussaoui case; the FBI’s handling of an Electronic Communication written by an FBI agent in Phoenix, Arizona (the Phoenix EC) that raised concerns about efforts by Usama Bin Laden to send students to attend United States civil aviation schools to conduct terrorist activities; and intelligence information available to the FBI regarding two of the September 11 hijackers, Nawaf al Hazmi and Khalid al Mihdhar.

In July 2004, the OIG completed and issued its full report, classified at the Top Secret/SCI level, to the Department of Justice (including the FBI), Congress, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency, and the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9-11 Commission). In its final report, the 9-11 Commission referenced the findings from the OIG’s report.

After the OIG issued the classified version of our report, several members of Congress asked the OIG to create and publicly release an unclassified version because of the significant public interest in these matters. The OIG therefore created a 371-page unclassified version of the report. However, because Moussaoui is being prosecuted in a case before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, the rules of that Court prevented the OIG from releasing the unclassified report without the permission of the presiding judge in the case. On February 1, 2005, the OIG filed a motion in the District Court requesting leave to release publicly the unclassified version of the report. On April 28, 2005, the OIG’s motion to the Court to release the unclassified report was denied.

Thereafter, the OIG redacted from the unclassified report the information requested by Moussaoui’s defense counsel that related to Moussaoui and other matters. On June 7, 2005, the OIG filed a motion with the Court requesting leave to release the redacted version of the unclassified report. On June 7, 2005, the Court granted the OIG’s motion and posted the redacted, unclassified report on its web site.

The OIG intends to request, when the Moussaoui case is concluded, permission from the Court to release the full unclassified report, including the information that was redacted from the version released on June 7.

The OIG’s redacted, unclassified report details the FBI’s handling of the Phoenix EC as well as its handling of the information about Hazmi and Mihdhar.

After an introduction in Chapter One, a background chapter (Chapter Two) describes the FBI’s structure and procedures regarding international terrorism and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) investigations, as well as the wall that existed between intelligence and criminal investigations.

In Chapter Three, the report describes in detail the FBI’s handling of the Phoenix EC, including systemic problems that this matter revealed about the FBI’s operations, as well as the performance of FBI employees related to this matter.

Chapter Four, which deals with the Moussaoui matter, has been redacted in its entirety.

In Chapter Five, the report discusses the FBI’s handling of the Hazmi/Mihdhar case, including the interaction between the FBI and the CIA in this case. The report describes the systemic impediments that hindered the sharing of information between the FBI and the CIA, and assesses the individual performance of FBI employees in this matter.

Finally, Chapter Six contains the OIG’s recommendations and conclusions relating to the FBI’s analytical program, the FISA process, the FBI’s interactions with other members of the Intelligence Community, and other matters involved in this review.

In its response to the OIG’s report, the FBI described changes it has made since the September 11 attacks related to these issues. In addition, the FBI created a panel to assess whether any action should be taken with regard to the performance of FBI employees involved in these matters. We understand from the FBI that this review is ongoing.

The redacted, unclassified version of the report can be accessed at the website of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia at: http://notablecases.vaed.uscourts.gov/1:01-cr-00455/docs/70656/MultiDoc.html
Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
5:10 pm
Sibel Edmonds sues US for $10 million
Sibel Edmonds, who was fired from her job as an FBI contract linguist, is suing the government, claiming a pattern of retaliation for her complaints of misconduct at the FBI.

Here's a copy of the suit.

6631 West Wakefield Drive
Alexandria, V A 22307
'"CASB';NUMBER'I~l i05CVO0540,
JUDGE, James Robertson
DECK TYPE: Personal Injury/Malpractice
DATE STAMP, 03/16/2005
0:\ I:' i.-:.. I~;~-
NOW COMES Plaintit1~ Sibel Edmonds, by and through undersigned counsel, pursuant
to Ruks .3 & S. r~d. Ci\' Proc.. and for h~r Col11plainr against Dd(:nLi~111l United States of
:~:;,;~' :;,;:\. ~,- ;,;:
:: ~::; rolL)\\'
This action arises under the Federal Tort Claims Act ("FTC A"), 28 u.S. c. 9 2671
et seq. This Court has jurisdiction over this matter pursuant to 28 u.S. c. 99
1346(b) & 1402(b).
Beginning on March 22, 200 I and continuing to the present, Defendant has
injured Plaintiff through negligent acts and omissions constituting, inter alia
negligent endzmgerl11ent. negligent il1\' estigation. col1\ersion of property. false
light ilwasion of privacy. intliction of cmntinll,d distres5 and interference with
prospective economic opportunity resulting in financial loss , actionable under the
Defendant's complained of acts and omissions have occurred within the District
of Columbia.
Pursuant to 28 u.S. c. 92672, Plaintiff submitted an administrative claim for
negligence encompassing the allegations contained herein to the Federal Bureau
of Investigation ("fBI") on March 21, 2004 , within two years of the beginning of
their occurrence. A denial letter was mailed to Plaintiff by the FBI on October 27
2004. Plaintiffs Complaint is filed within six (6) months thereafter.
Venue is proper in the District of Columbia pursuant to 28 u.S. c. 9 1402(b).
Service of process on Defendant may be accomplished pursuant to Rule 4
Plaintiff was formerly employed by the FBI, an agency of Defendant, as a contract
linguist. Published media reports have stated that she is fluent in Turkish and
Farsi, and conversational in Azerbaijani.
Plaintiff is a citizen of the United States of Turkish descent. She first came to the
United States in 1988 and became a citizen in 1996. Plaintiff has never formally
renounced her Turkish citizenship to the Government of Turkey, however.
Plaintiff s entire family continues to reside in Turkey, with the exception of two
sisters. Plaintiff owns real property in Turkey, including a country summer house
and a small apartment in Istanbul. She previously engaged in a real estate
investment business with her mother and a textile manufacturing business with
her uncle, both in Turkey. Plaintiff owned a partial interest in her late father
medical clinic in Turkey. Plaintiff also obtained Turkish clients for her husband'
information technology consulting business. The grave site of Plaintiffs late
father is in Turkey. Between 1993 and 2000, Plaintiff visited Turkey on twentytwo
separate occasions for family and business reasons, spending an average of
two or three months each year in Turkey.
1 Text in quotations, unless otherwise attributed, is excerpted from the unclassified
summary of the Department of Justice, Office ofInspector General ("DOJ/OIG") report of its
investigation into Plaintiff s allegations and the conduct of the FBI, entitled A Review of the
FBI's Actions in Connection With Allegations Raised By Contract Linguist Sibel Edmonds
released in January, 2005.
10. In September, 200 I , Plaintiff was retained by the FBI as a contract linguist, on a
six month renewable contract, to perform translation services at the FBI
Washington Field Office ("FBI/WFO"), located within the District of Columbia.
After September 11 , 2001 , Plaintiff was assigned to work on FBI counterterrorism
and counterintelligence investigations.
11. FBI contract linguists perform document-to-document or audio-to-document
translation services, translating into English from the target language the speech
and/or writings of non-English speaking individuals and, on occasion, render
translations from English into the target language. FBI contract monitors perform
summary translations of voice recordings.
12. Plaintiff s primary duties for FBIIWFO were working as a contract linguist in the
Language Administration and Acquisition Unit ("LAAU"), translating
information from the foreign languages in which she is fluent into English.
Between September, 2001 , and March, 2002, Plaintiff performed translation
services as an FBI contract linguist in Turkish, and Plaintiff performed some
services as a contract monitor in two other languages.
As a condition of employment all FBI contract linguists and FBI contract monitors
are required to pass a polygraph examination and a 10-year single-scope
background investigation in order to obtain a TOP SECRET security clearance.
Plaintiff passed a polygraph examination and a full background investigation and
was granted a security clearance by the FBI prior to commencing her employment
in September, 2001.
Prior to her retention, FBI officials assured Plaintiff that her Turkish business
interests and family members would not be jeopardized by her FBI work because
all of her co-workers would also have passed similar background investigations
and hold a TOP SECRET security clearance. Therefore, they assured her that she
need not use an alias to protect her true identity.
Between January and March, 2002, Plaintiff reported a number of 16.
whistleblower allegations to FBI management officials concerning serious
breaches in the FBI security program and a break-down in the quality of
translations as a result of willful misconduct and gross incompetence by FBI
Plaintiffs reports included, but were not limited to, the following:
that a contract FBI monitor, Melek Can Dickerson, who was granted a
TOP SECRET security clearance by the FBI, had immediately prior to her
FBI position been employed for more than two years by an organization
that was a target of an ongoing FBI investigation;
that Ms. Dickerson had past and ongoing association with at least two or
more targets of an ongoing FBI investigation (who subsequently fled the
United States);
that Ms. Dickerson was translating information obtained from FBI wiretaps
concerning one or more targets with whom she had past and ongoing
improper contacts;
that Ms. Dickerson was suspected of leaking information to one or more
targets of an FBI investigation to which she was assigned to perform
translation services;
that Ms. Dickerson had improperly instructed Plaintiff and another
monitor not to listen and translate certain FBI wire-taps because she knew
the subjects and was confident that there would be nothing important to
translate concerning those subjects or their conversations;
(t) that Plaintiffs supervisor, Supervisory Language Specialist ("SLS") Mike
Feghali, issued instructions that assisted Ms. Dickerson in carrying out
that in December, 2001 and again in January, 2002 Ms. Dickerson
threatened to disclose Plaintiffs true identity to the target organization
thereby jeopardizing the lives and safety of Plaintiff and her family
members, who were citizens of and resided in Turkey, because Plaintiff
refused to go along with Ms. Dickerson s scheme to block translations and
because Plaintiff reported her concerns about Ms. Dickerson s wrongdoing
to FBI management;
(h) that both as a result of misconduct by Ms. Dickerson and SLS Feghali, and
as a result of gross incompetence in the FBI, numerous translations were
improperly conducted or not conducted, which threatened intelligence and
law enforcement investigations related to the September 11 th attack, and
other ongoing counter-terrorist, counter-intelligence and law enforcement
(i) that work order documents concerning translations related to the
September 11 th investigation were falsified and contained forgeries of
Plaintiffs name and/or initials;
that SLS Feghali issued an instruction forbidding Plaintiff from raising her
concerns to the FBI Special Agent assigned to the case, or others, without
the permission of SLS Feghali
(k) that extremely sensitive and material information was deliberately
withheld from translations; and
(I) that FBI management had failed to take corrective action in response to
Plaintiff s reports and serious concerns, and instead retaliated against
Plaintiff for reporting her concerns.
Prior to Plaintiff raising these concerns, Ms. Dickerson and her husband, Air
Force Major Douglas Dickerson, had unexpectedly visited Plaintiff and her
husband at their Alexandria home in early December 2001. During this visit
Major Dickerson talked extensively to Plaintiffs husband about meeting his wife
in Turkey; about his job, which he said had been in weapon s procurement;
dealing with Turkey and several central Asian countries. He said that he had lived
in Turkey and later in Germany. He asked whether Plaintiff and her husband were
active in the Turkish community here or whether they had many Turkish friends
to which they replied no. He said that he and his wife had some high level Turkish
friends in the United States that they saw regularly and named one of them. He
said that they regularly shopped for this person at a middle-eastern market in
Alexandria, and then mentioned an organization, the American Turkish
Association AT A"). He brought up another Turkish organization, the American
Turkish Council ATC"), which he said he and his wife were very active in, and
said that it was a very good organization to belong to and have ties with. He said
that a relationship could insure that a person would be able to retire early and be
guaranteed a very good and lucrative life afterwards in Turkey, what he and his
wife planned to do shortly. He then asked whether Plaintiff and her husband were
members of A TC, and Plaintiff s husband replied that they were not although
they were familiar with it, but believed that they would have to have some
business relationships with Turkey before they could become members. Major
Dickerson then turned and pointed to Plaintiff and said
, "
all you have to do is tell
them who you work for and what you do and you will get in very quickly." At that
point Plaintiff quickly changed the conversation to other topics. Plaintiff
subsequently verbally reported the Dickerson visit and conversation to SLS
Plaintiff formally raised her concerns to SLS Feghali in writing on January 22
2002 and then again orally at a meeting on January 25, 2002. Plaintiff emphasized
the serious national security implications of her concerns, specifically that
sensitive ongoing criminal and counter-terrorism investigations were being
compromised, including those of the September 11 attack and certain of the
detainees captured in its wake. FBI management at FBIIWFO failed to take
prompt, corrective action as requested by Plaintiff and instead Plaintiff herself
became subjected to a concerted pattern of reprisal and retaliation as a direct result
of raising her concerns.
Although Plaintiff s supervisor informed an FBI manger about her allegations, the
matter was not reported to the FBI Security Office until more than two weeks
later, on February 11 2002.
On or about February 8 2002, Plaintiff wrote a detailed memorandum to the
Acting Assistant Special Agent in Charge ("ASAC"), documenting her concerns
about security and management problems in the language department
emphasizing the serious national security implications and requesting that prompt
corrective action be taken. Although Plaintiffs supervisor had given her
permission to write the memorandum on her home computer because of concern
of retaliation by SLS Feghali, the FBI later concluded that the memorandum
contained classified information and seized Plaintiff s home computer.
Plaintiff also informed the ASAC and other FBI management officials that
Plaintiff was deeply concerned for her personal safety and the safety of her family
as a result of the conduct of and threats made by Ms. Dickerson and Plaintiff
requested that the FBI take immediate steps to address these problems.
On February 12 2002 Plaintiff was finally interviewed by the FBI Security Office
about her allegations. The following day Ms. Dickerson also was interviewed.
Both were deemed credible by a Security Officer. However, a subsequent
investigation by the DOJ/OIG found that "the Security Officer did not challenge. .
. (Ms. Dickerson) with respect to any information. . . (she) provided although that
information was not consistent with FBI records. " It found that "the Security
Officer s investigation of. . . (Plaintiffs) claims. . . was significantly flawed
and labeled it "superficial."
During this period, Plaintiff advised her sister living in Turkey of the threats by
Ms. Dickerson to disclose the identity of Plaintiff to the target organization.
Fearing for her own safety, Plaintiffs sister immediately fled Turkey and
currently resides in the United States where she has applied for asylum. In order to
flee Turkey, Plaintiff's sister was forced to abandon her employment with KLM
Airlines and suffer substantial financial hardship. To date she resents Plaintiff and
has not spoken to her for nearly three years.
By letter dated February 13 2002, Plaintiff wrote to Executive Assistant Director
for Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence Dale L. Watson, notifying him of her
serious security concerns which potentially put Plaintiff s personal safety and the
safety of her family at risk. In her letter Plaintiff informed Mr. Watson that she
had already reported her concerns to the management in her department but that
no corrective action had been taken and that Plaintiff s management expressed a
let's just sweep it under the rug " attitude. Plaintiff again emphasized that
sensitive ongoing criminal and counter-terrorism investigations were being
On February 14 2002 SLS Feghali sent an e-mail to the LAAU Chief and another
FBI official asserting that "there was no basis for. . . (Plaintiff s) allegations.
On February 22, 2002 Plaintiff met with Supervisory Special Agent ("SSA") Tom
Frields, and SLS (and acting ASAC) Stephanie Bryan to discuss her concerns.
Immediately after the meeting, . . . (FBI management) began to explore whether
the FBI had the option to cease using. . . (Plaintiff) as a . . . (contract linguist)."
In an internal memorandum drafted on February 25 , 2002 the FBI recommended
that both Plaintiff and Ms. Dickerson undergo a polygraph examination to assist
in the investigation. However, the proposed questioning of each was to focus on
whether either had made any unauthorized disclosures of classified information
rather than (on J the threat that had been alleged by . . . (Plaintiff).
On February 27, 2002, Mr. Watson signed the certified mail Domestic Return
Receipt that was attached to Plaintiffs letter dated February 13 2002.
On or about March 7, 2002, Plaintiff personally met with Deputy Assistant
Director for Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence James T. Caruso, who was Mr.
Watson s direct deputy, about her concerns. During the course of their meeting,
which lasted between one and a half to two hours, Mr. Caruso listened to
Plaintiff s reports of misconduct, and her detailed concerns about serious security
breaches and misconduct in the language department. However, Mr. Caruso did
not take any notes during his meeting with Plaintiff and at the conclusion of the
meeting he failed to commit to taking corrective action of any kind.
Also, on or about March 7, 2002, Plaintiff filed complaints with the FBI Office of
Professional Responsibility ("FBIIOPR") and the DOJIOIG in which Plaintiff
reported her allegations of serious security breaches and misconduct. Plaintiff also
alleged in her complaints to FBI/OPR and DOJIOIG that she was being subjected
to harassment and retaliation for making reports of serious security breaches and
Also, on or about March 7, 2002, the FBI renewed Plaintiff s contract as a linguist
for an additional six month period.
On March 8 2002, Plaintiff underwent a polygraph examination which
determined she was not being deceptive in denying having made any unauthorized
disclosures of classified information.
By March 15 , 2002, Plaintiff noted to SLS Feghali that "in the past few weeks
coincidental' to her reports of wrongdoing, she had received no new work
assignments and no offers of temporary duty assignments.
Despite the open status of the "investigation" of Plaintiff s allegations, by March
, 2002 an FBI draft Electronic Communication ("EC") stated that " some of. . .
(her) allegations. . . were not substantiated and that she had not been completely
forthcoming. . . and recommended that. . . (the FBI) immediately discontinue
using her as a linguist. . . .
On March 21 2002, Ms. Dickerson similarly underwent a polygraph examination
which determined that she was not being deceptive in denying having made any
unauthorized disclosures of classified information.
Despite the fact that FBI officials "later expressed disappointment with the
questions asked in the polygraphs, . . . as they were not responsive to the
allegations raised by . . . (Plaintiff), . . . the FBI never considered doing any
additional polygraphs and continued to rely on the (existing) polygraphs as
support for its position that. . . (Plaintiffs) allegations were unfounded." Indeed
the Polygraph Unit Chief (later) admitted that questions directly on point could
have been asked but were not."
On March 22 2002, as she was about to leave FBIIWFO for the day, Plaintiff was
summoned to a meeting with SLS Stephanie Bryan, SSA Frields and SSA in
charge of WFO Personnel Security George Stukenbroeker. Plaintiff was first
instructed to wait in the office of SLS Bryan. As Plaintiff waited, SLS Feghali
stopped by the open office door, faced Plaintiff, tapped on his watch and stated
(i)n less than an hour you will be fired, you whore." He then smiled and returned
to his office next door. This incident was witnessed by, Liz, a secretary and SLS
Janice (LNU). Minutes later Plaintiff was summoned into the office ofSSA
Frields. Also present were SSA Stukenbroeker and SLS Bryan, where she was
advised that her employment with the FBI was being summarily terminated and
was ordered to surrender her security badge. Plaintiff requested a written
explanation for her termination. In response, SSA Stukenbroeker threw a security
form in front of her and stated
, "
(y)ou want something written, here it is. That
form has all the reasons why you have been fired. You have violated every single
item in that form." Plaintiff reminded those present that her reports of misconduct
were still pending before DOJ/OIG and FBI/OPR. SSA Frields replied
, "
have already called them. OIG and OPR are not willing to take your case and have
told us that there will not be any investigation. " SSA Stukenbroeker added
(t)hey won t process your case. " Plaintiff requested to return to her work station
to retrieve her personal belongings, including a personal calendar, notes and
family photographs, but her request was denied. As Plaintiff was escorted from
the building, she was told that she would never set foot in the FBI again. Plaintiff
told SSA Frields
, "
(y)ou are only making your wrongdoing worse, and my case
stronger. I will see you very soon." SSA Frields replied
, "
(s)oon maybe, but it will
be in jail. I'll see you in jail."
Immediately after leaving FBI/WFO Plaintiff met with John Roberts, Unit Chief
ofFBI/OPR, who informed her that he had personally checked the results of her
polygraph examination, and that she had passed it with absolutely no deception
By letter dated April 2, 2002, Defendants officially notified Plaintiff that her
contract was "terminated completely for the Government's convenience.
However, the subsequent DOJ/OIG investigation found that "the FBI has not
asserted that. . . (Plaintiff s) contract was terminated because it had no further
( '
need for her services " and that "there has been no reduction in the need for
linguists to translate the language. . . (Plaintiff) translated.
On or about April 11 , 2002 a warrant from the Turkish security service was served
at the former residence of Plaintiff s sister demanding that she appear for
interrogation. Upon information and belief, Plaintiff alleges that the Turkish
security service learned about her FBI employment through clandestine
disclosures made by Ms. Dickerson, acting upon her earlier threats to do so.
In an internal memorandum finalized on May 2, 2002 the FBI recommended that
Plaintiffs security clearance be revoked because she had prepared a classified
memorandum on her home computer and was observed placing classified
information into an envelope for delivery to FBI/OPR and DOJ/OIG. "without the
proper markings. " The memorandum "failed to point out that the polygraph
results undercut the claim that she had discussed classified information outside the
FBI with unauthorized persons at a social setting.
By letter dated May 8 2002, Plaintiff, through prior counsel, notified (former)
Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, that as a
direct result of the FBI's failure to address or correct the serious misconduct and
security breaches reported by Plaintiff, the safety and security of Plaintiff and
her family has been jeopardized, and that Turkey has targeted Plaintiff s sister to
be interrogated "and taken/arrested by force." This letter also provided them with
a copy of the arrest warrant served by the Turkish security service at the residence
of Plaintiff s sister in the foreign country together with a copy of the English
translation of the arrest warrant.
Also by letter dated May 8, 2002, Senator Charles E. Grassley, Ranking Member
of the Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs, notified Director Mueller that Plaintiff
has come forward with a number of disturbing allegations about misconduct
incompetence, potential security violations and retaliatory threats." Senator
Grassley also provided Director Mueller with a copy of the arrest warrant served
at the residence of Plaintiff s sister in the foreign country and asked Director
Mueller to review the letter from Plaintiffs cow1sel to the DOJ/OIG expressing
concerns about the arrest warrant. Senator Grassley also asked Director Mueller to
emphasize to officials in the Washington Field Office that retaliation against
current or former FBI employees is not acceptable, especially when retaliation
endangers a person s family member.
Upon information and belief, during this period officials of the FBI negligently
disclosed the true identity of Plaintiff to the media.
On June 8 2002, the Associated Press CAP") published an article, which was
widely disseminated on its news wire, quoting "Government officials, who spoke
only on condition of anonymity," about Plaintiff and identifying her by name.
The June 8, 2002 AP article reported the FBI was investigating Plaintiffs
whistleblower "allegations of security lapses in the translator program that has
played an important role interpreting interviews and intercepts of Osama bin
Laden s network since September II." Citing Government officials who only
spoke on condition of anonymity, the AP reported that "the FBI has been unable
to corroborate the whistleblower s allegations.
In addition, again citing to unnamed government officials, the AP reported on
June 8 , 2002 that Plaintiff
, "
a contract employee in the FBI linguist program, was
fired last spring for performance issues. She subsequently was subjected to a
security review herself, the officials said.
The June 8 , 2002 AP article also reported that "The FBI has focused its
investigation on whether either the accused or the whistle-blower compromised
national security, officials said.
50. Subsequently, SLS Feghali convened an urgent meeting of all translators in the
unit to which he brought a copy of the AP article, stating that the translators
should learn from Plaintiffs experience " and that " (tJhis is what happens when
you betray the Bureau, . . . your name and reputation will be destroyed. " SLS
Feghali also specifically instructed two of Plaintiff s former co-workers to cease
all further contact with Plaintiff "for their own good.
51. In the wake of these public disclosures, the FBI conducted an initial review of its
investigation of Plaintiff s allegations. An internal memorandum dated June 14
, "
revealed substantial infirmities in the. .. investigation. Neveliheless
higher-level FBI security officials failed to initiate a more thorough investigation
. . . (despite anJ ample basis. . . for such a review.
On June 18 2002 , the Washington Post published an article citing to unidentified
Government officials" who said "the FBI fired Plaintiff because her
disruptiveness hurt her on-the-job performance." In addition, the Washington Post
reported in its June 18th article that "FBI officials said that Plaintiff ' had been
found to have breached security. ",
On August 7, 2002 Plaintiff, through prior counsel, requested that the Air Force
Office ofInspector General ("AF/OIG") investigate the conduct of Major
On September 10 2002 the AF/OIG responded to Plaintiffs request stating that
(tJhe Air Force Office of Special Investigations. . . conducted a complete and
thorough review of Major Dickerson s relationship with the American- Turkish
Council. Their findings disclosed no evidence of any deviation from the scope of
his duties.
On October 29 2002, the largest circulation national Turkish newspaper
Hurriyet published a front page story identifying Plaintiff by name and asserting
that she was fired from her position where she had been translating/monitoring
Turkish intercepts.
56. The following day, on October 30 2002, the fourth largest news paper in Turkey,
Yeni Salak published a story identifying Plaintiff by name and accusing of spying
on Turks for the United States government, thereby forgetting about her Turkish
roots and loyalties. This article also contained additional info on Plaintiff
including her maiden name, when she emigrated to the United States and the
location of her residence in the United States.
57. On July 15 , 2003. the largest Intel11et based Turkish newspaper Haber Vitrini
reported that Plaintiff had accused Turkish officials of spying against the FBI.
On July 16 2003 , ABC affiliate Chmmel 7 News, broadcast a similar report
emphasizing Plaintiff s claim that Turkish Intelligence-officials were spying
against the FBI.
Also on July 16, 2003 , the newspaper Star Gazette published an article asserting
that Plaintiff was accusing Turkish government officials in Washington, DC of
espionage activities.
Also on July 16, 2003 , the newspaper Turkish Daily News, also sold in the United
States , published an article proclaiming, "Turkish Intelligence infiltrates Pentagon
according to . . . (PlaintiffJ."
On April 2 , 2004 , the largest circulation national Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.
again published a story identifying Plaintiff by name and asserting that she
was hired by the CIA on September 13 , 2002, that she worked to spy on Turks and
Turkish officials, and reported her testimony to the 9/11 Commission. A similar
article appeared in the Independent a large circulation newspaper in the United
Also on April 2, 2004, the second largest Turkish newspaper Milliyet published
and article identifying Plaintiff by name and associating her with alleged FBI
foreknowledge of the September 11
th attack.
On July30, 2004, the international newspaper Sabah published an article asserting
that an internal memorandum by FBI Director Mueller confirmed that a DOJ/OIG
report substantiated most of Plaintiff s above-allegations as true, including those
alleging espionage in the FBI linguist program.
Throughout the period May, 2002 to the present, Plaintiffs friends and family
members still residing in Turkey have confirmed to her that she has been the
subject of numerous television and radio talk shows characterizing her as "'The
enemy of the State (TurkeyJ, that she "' Forgot her roots, sold out her country and
people " that she "spied on Turkey," and " betrayed her country.
As the direct proximate result of the public disclosure of her true name by the FBI
Plaintiff has been subjected to the above adverse publicity and is deemed to have
committed treason by the Government of Turkey. Also, throughout the period
May, 2002 to the present, Plaintiffs friends and family members have implored
Plaintiff never to return to Turkey for their safety as well as her own. Therefore
Plaintiff has been unable to visit Turkey since February, 2002 and is unlikely ever
to be able to do so again for the remainder of her natural life.
Despite Plaintiff s allegations, the FBI never conducted any investigation of Ms.
Dickerson nor removed her from her position at FBI/WFO. She voluntarily left
her position some six months after Plaintiffs allegations and has since fled the
United States.
Contrary to its regulations and procedures, the FBI never conducted a proper 10-
year single-scope background investigation of Ms. Dickerson prior to granting her
a TOP SECRET security clearance, which allowed an unqualified individual
access to highly classified information as well as the identity of Plaintiff, which
she subsequently compromised to the Turkish security service.
As a direct and proximately result of the above events, Plaintiff has been damaged
as follows:
Plaintiff lives in constant fear for her own safety and for that of her family
Plaintiff has become completely estranged from her family, the members
of which either resent her for the peril in which her activities have placed
them or eschew any contact with her for fear that they may be placed in
greater peril;
Plaintiff may never again return to her native homeland to visit friends or
emotionally significant locations;
Plaintiff was forced to forfeit her 50% interest, valued at approximately
$500 000. , in her late father s medical clinic in Turkey when she was
unable to travel there to execute documents and consummate the
Plaintiff s vacant investment property in Istanbul has substantially
diminished in value because Plaintiff was unable to visit Turkey and sell it
at peak value in 2003 and continues to produce monthly upkeep expenses;
Plaintiffs vacant summer home in Bodrum, Turkey, which she is unable
to visit is deteriorating and produces monthly upkeep expenses;
Plaintiff and her husband expended approximately $120 000. 00 in time
and expenses to develop a textile import business in partnership with her
uncle in Turkey, which has now been totally abandoned;
Plaintiff has abandoned her real estate investment business with her
mother in Turkey and incurred significant damages in lost economic
Plaintiff has lost personal items and irreplaceable photographs of her late
father that she was forced to abandon at her FBI/WFO workstation when
she was summarily escorted from the premises;
Plaintiff incurred $800. 00 in costs for a airline ticket she purchased for her
sister to enable her to flee Turkey;
Plaintiff has been forced to support her two sisters living in virtual exile in
the United States for more than two years at a cost of $60 000. 00;
Plaintiff has incurred legal fees resulting from the wrongful conduct of the
FBI in the amount of $80 000. 00; and
Plaintiff has suffered lost income in the amount of $240 000. 00 and may
never be able to obtain employment again because of the public antipathy
to\vards her by the fBI.
As a result of the above events, the DOJ/OIG conducted an extensive
investigation of Plaintiffs allegations and the related conduct of the FBI. The
declassified summary of that investigation, released in January, 2005 contained
the following conclusions:
We found that many of. . . (Plaintiff s) core
allegations relating to the co-worker were supported
by either documentary evidence or witnesses other
than. . , (Plaintiff).
In part, we attributed the FBI's failure to investigate
further to its unwarranted reliance on the
assumption that proper procedures had been
followed by the FBI during the co-worker s hiring
and background investigation, which did not include
a risk assessment, contrary to FBI practice. We also
found that. . . (PlaintiffJ was justified in raising a
number of these concerns to her supervisors. For
example, with respect to an allegation that focused
on the co-worker s performance, which. . .
(PlaintiffJ believed to be an indication of a security
problem, the evidence clearly corroborated. . .
(Plaintiff s) allegations.
1 .
In sum, . . . we believe that the FBI significantly
mishandled this matter.
Upon information and belief, Plaintiff alleges that twelve other credible cases of
possible espionage in the FBIIWFO/LAAU have been reported but not
investigated due to fear of embarrassment as the individuals involved had already
been granted a TOP SECRET security clearance by the fBr.
Plaintiff realleges each and every allegation contained in paragraphs numbered 1 through
, above, as if fully set forth herein.
If Defendant were a private person, it would be liable to Plaintiff in accordance
with the law of the District of Columbia.
Plaintiff is free from any acts of negligence contributing to the proximate cause of
her complained of damages.
Defendant s complained of acts and omissions constitute a negligent investigation
of Plaintiffs allegations in violation of its established procedures and
Defendant's complained of acts and omissions constitute a negligent investigation
of the suitability of Ms. Dickerson to hold a TOP SECRET security clearance and
be privy to the true identity of Plaintiff.
Defendant s complained of acts and omissions constitute a negligent public
disclosure of Plaintiff s true identity as a key witness in an espionage
Defendant s complained of acts and omissions constitute a negligent
endangerment of Plaintiff s safety and life.
Defendant' s complained of acts and omissions constitute a negligent conversion
of Plaintiff s personal property.
78. Defendant' s complained of acts and omissions constitute a negligent false light
invasion of Plaintiff s privacy.
79. Defendant's complained of acts and omissions constitute a negligent infliction of
emotional distress upon Plaintiff.
80. Defendant's complained of acts and omissions constitute a negligent interference
with Plaintiffs prospective economic opportunity.
WHEREFORE, Plaintiff prays this Honorable Court award her damages in the amount of
Ten-Million ($10 000, 000. 00) Dollars, together with whatever fUliher, different or additional
rclieL:,l:) i 1. sb0uld deem j list Cluj proper.
tfully submitte
, .,
~2 '
. Bar #375754
Mark S. Zaid
c. Bar #440532
1747 Pennsylvania Ave. , N.
Suite 300
Washington, D. c. 20006
Counsel for Plaintiff
Thursday, March 10th, 2005
11:11 am
A Rather Amazing Career
He wasn’t perfect.
Mistakes were made.
But when all is said and done, after the highlight reel spins and the momentous occasions noted, remember this.
Dan Rather had a career most journalists envy and no blogger can match.
And I say this as a journalist and a blogger.
The sins of the MSM are many, the reasons for its careening demise well documented and certainly, the end game of Dan Rather’s remarkable career will go down in history as how not to cover the news.
But, for nearly every major story of my lifetime (and I just turned 45) Rather was there. Whether fueled by curiosity, ego, the priest-like calling to find the truth, or some combination, Rather got out of the studio and into the frontlines of unfolding history.
From Kennedy’s assassination, to the civil rights movement, to Vietnam, Watergate, Tianan-men Square - the list is as long as it is ubiquitous - he was there.
Something my colleagues in both journalism and blogging should not be so quick to dismiss.
It’s one thing to sit in an office or at home, make some phone calls, type some words and call it a day. Sure, you can make a difference that way. You can even take down an icon like Rather.
But it is something else entirely to go to the story. To risk safety and comfort in search of the truth.
For a variety of reasons, most journalists don’t do that. Few bloggers do.
Yet both groups are vital to the future of our democracy.
Yes, Dan Rather did not have a pristine career. He erred, he faltered.
But in my mind, his successes - which far, far outweigh his failures - offer a roadmap of how the media (in whatever form it may exist) has to live up to its First Amendment rights by living its First Amendment responsibilities.
Laugh all you might.
But it does have a lot to do with courage.
Now more than ever.
Monday, February 21st, 2005
3:13 pm
Malcolm 10?
On this, the XL anniversary of the day Malcolm X was gunned down at the Audubon Ballroom in Washington Heights, I offer this infamous story of media mishegoss.
A Philadelphia television reporter, who shall go nameless, once had this remark after seeing a plethora of hats bearing the letter X - a promotional item from a Spike Lee movie about Malcolm.
“Who,” asked the reporter - apparently proficient in Roman numerals and deficient in history - “is this Malcolm 10 person?”
This, by the way, was the same reporter who - when Ira Einhorn was sentenced “in absentia” for killing Holly Maddox - asked the district attorney, “is that near Andalusia?”
And this was years before Paris Hilton got a show...
Thursday, February 17th, 2005
12:22 pm
El Qaeda?
Between a demanding and rewarding new job, commuting back and forth between Philly and Upstate New York and various freelance gigs, it's been a while since posting, but reading today's New York Times story on worries that Al Qaeda might have infiltrated Mexico prompted me to post.

This is not news to intelligence agencies. They've been aware since at least March, 2003, that AQ was interested in Mexico, thanks in no small measure to an international group of self-styled internet sleuths who pose as jihadis to catch real jihadis.

Nearly two years ago, one of those sleuths, a Texas housewife who calls herself "Mrs. Galt" and poses as an American Muslim looking to help the cause of global jihad, chatted with a man calling himself nanawati, who claimed he was an AQ sympthatizer in Mexico.

While it always makes sense to be skeptical of whom one meets online, I do know that the FBI as well as foreign intelligence agencies have investigated Mrs. Galt's communications with alleged jihadis. While the FBI has remained mum, one high-ranking London-based Indian military intelligence official told me that he finds Mrs. Galt's work credible enough to use in India's on-going battles against Pakistan.

The following is a transcript of the March, 2003 email Mrs. Galt received from nanawati:

Hola, brothers and sisters. It has been a while.

With the capture of yet another soldier of Allah and
what the snakes
might do to him to gain information (especially about
the location of
our leader) ... I have had a thought.

I live in Mexico and I can not think of any country on
this side of
the world better suited for brothers to blend in. Even
possibly our
leader himself.

There are really only a handful of spanish words
necessary to not
attract attention. The locals are used to hearing the
amerikans &
canadians butcher their language. And most of the
north americans
wouldn't know the difference between an arabic
language and spanish
if they were to over hear it.

Guadalaraja has a major airport with little security
(compared to
airports in the land of snakes). Most commercial
flights from the
east arrive in Mexico City and I do not know the
conditions there. I
do believe that it is a city to be avoided however.

Becos it is not a Muslim country, there is much haraam
about Mexico.
But the Mexican people are a simple people and
basically mind their
own business.

I pray every day for the safety of our brothers and
our leader.
Should there be any way I can be of service ...

Yours in struggle,
Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
6:10 pm
More from Sibel
I couldn't make it down to the National Press Club in DC to hear Sibel Edmonds deliver her speech. So here's the text.
-The Management

Speech at the ACLU National Security Whistleblower Press Conference

The Government Of The People, By The People, For The People!

A few days ago, during an interview, I was asked to provide comments regarding the IG's Report into my allegations, and I was asked whether or not I agreed with the Report's conclusion that the FBI did not take my reports and allegations seriously, although they were supported by facts, evidence, and other witnesses. From one perspective, my answer was: yes; despite all the facts, evidence, and other witnesses, the bureau chose not to investigate the espionage case and other criminal acts committed against the United States, its people, and its national security; instead they chose to cover it up. On the other hand, from another perspective, my answer was: No; they took my case, and their objective, which was to cover up these issues and criminal acts, extremely seriously. After all, for the past three years they have been relentlessly and in an unprecedented manner engaged in actions geared towards covering up my reports and investigations into my allegations. Lets talk about these unconstitutional and un-American actions, shall we? Gagging the United States Congress, blocking court proceedings in my case by invoking the so called state secret privilege, quashing a subpoena for my deposition on information regarding 9/11, withholding documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act, and preventing the release of the entire report issued by the Department of Justice- Inspector General's office. They engaged in these relentless efforts to cover up, despite the fact that the allegations in my reports, many of which have been confirmed by the unclassified IG report, the United States Senate, and leaked memos by the Department of Justice, involve criminal conduct against our national interests, serious security breaches & espionage activities threatening our intelligence, intentional mistranslation of intelligence, and intentional blocking of certain terrorism and criminal cases related to 9/11 from being investigated.

This is not just about one case or one whistleblower. This is not just about our government's relentless fight against me, and my information. This fight is also directed against what is known as "the public's right to know" in our essential oversight responsibility over our government as responsible citizens. As Harry Truman stated: "When even one American -- who has done nothing wrong -- is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril." This is a fight against our democracy, which cannot exist without transparency and accountability. Standing up to despotism and tyranny has always been considered illegal by those in power, and dangerous to those who would expose them. But this shouldn't be the case here, not here in the United States of America. This shouldn't be the case when it comes to a truly democratic government; a kind of a government we have proudly defined as, and believed to be, a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Please ask yourself: What happened to this notion of government of the people, by the people, for the people; principles upon which our democracy and governance are supposed to be built?
I also want to emphasize that these actions by our government are not geared toward protecting the 'national security' of the United States. On the contrary, they endanger our national security by covering up facts and information related to criminal activities against this country and it's citizens. Our government is fully aware that making this information public will bring about the question of accountability. And they do not want to be held accountable. It is for these reasons that I have been striving to get the Congress to investigate and hold its own public hearings regarding these issues. In a letter written July 9, 2004 to the Attorney General, Senator Grassley and Senator Leahy stated: "We fear that the designation of information as classified in some of these cases serves to protect the executive branch against embarrassing revelations and full accountability. Well, as you can see in my case, and those of many others in this room, from firing whistleblowers, to retroactively classifying public information, to using special privileges to cover up criminal acts and severe negligence, the government is taking extreme steps to shield itself from accountability while gambling with our security and interests.
Let us remind ourselves: our government does not consist of one branch, but three; this system was established to ensure checks and balances. Our Congress must fulfill the "checks and balances" responsibilities of the Constitution in the exercise of its fundamental duties. We the people have put these representatives in the Congress. We the people have given them the authority to ensure oversight, integrity, transparency, and accountability of our government and our rights. Thus, we the people have the right and the power to demand that our representatives fulfill these obligations. Today, we are doing just that. We are demanding action. We are demanding true representation. We are doing so collectively, loud, and clear.
Our Democracy cannot endure without a committed citizenry and an open government that answers to the people. Our Democracy has survived because of the participation of its citizenry, which completely depends on the government's transparency and accountability. Today, in this room, many of us represent living cases and examples of the lack of transparency, accountability and due process in our government; thus we are reminders of endangered and diminishing democracy. We are here to ring the wake up bell and beg you not to look the other way. We cannot go on pretending to have democracy. We cannot go on teaching the notions & principles of True American Democracy to our youngsters in their civic 101 books, when those notions and laws are no longer exercised. Currently, Freedom of Speech, Due process, Sunshine Laws, the Freedom of Information Act, the Whistleblower Protection Act, and many other protections of our freedom that are written into our legislation and printed in our textbooks are only that, PRINTED WORDS. It is long over due that we stop pretending, that we cease denial. It is time to decide whether or not our American Democracy is worth fighting for.

For three years I have been pursuing all channels, through the three branches of our government. I am continuing to pursue my court cases, seeking the due process granted to me under our Constitution, despite all attempts by our executive branch to block them via extreme measures, such as the so called 'State Secrets Act.' I am continuing to appeal these issues and cases to our Congress, our representatives with oversight authority; despite their resistance to having to pursue and investigate these cases that jeopardize our security and interests. I am continuing to demand real action and formal investigation of these confirmed cases by the Department of Justice, the investigative and prosecutorial body established to protect our nation's security and interests; despite their attempt to block and cover up these cases; to prevent them from being investigated and addressed. I may be just a citizen, but being one gives me the responsibility and the right to do so. I am not going away. I shall not stop. Looking around in this room, I know that I am no longer alone. We have come together as citizens, determined to fulfill our obligations as citizens.
Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
12:52 pm
Armstrong Williams is my new hero or This Space For Rent.
Now that syndicated columnist Armstrong Williams is the poster child for unethical media be-havior for pocketing $240,000 from the U.S. Department of Education to shill the “No Child Left Behind” program, I have come to praise Williams, not bury him.
Knowing how hard it can be to scratch out a living as an honest scribe, I have to say that Wil-liams has inspired me. In an era when the Jayson Blairs, Stephen Glasses and other ethically challenged prevaricating plagiaristas shame themselves all the way to the bank, I have come to the conclusion that if you can’t beat them, join them on the gravy train.
Only, unlike Williams and the rest, I will conduct my whoring transparently.
From this moment on, I am offering my blog to the highest bidder.
No longer will this site be a font of loopy, Libertarianesque views, realistic conspiracy theories and other minutia.
From this day forward, this space will be dedicated to whoever pays the most to reach my amazing audience of five and growing.
Newt for President? Show me the money, honey and I will post his picture.
Right to Life? Right on with the right green.
No Child Left Behind? No one gets left behind with enough greasing of my palms.
War in Iraq? Bomb me with buckos and I’ll be your War Whore.
If you have a cause, I have a space.
Just send money to the Armstrong Williams Fund For New Democracy care of this website.
Let the bidding commence.
11:03 am
More Sibel Disobedience
While I don't endorse everything the ACLU does (there is no organization not worthy of honest media scrutiny) the case of former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds deserves plenty of attention.

During her short stay with the FBI, Edmonds uncovered some truly frightening gaps in national security, including many instances of criminal misconduct. Her reward was to be fired. Her attempts to have light shed on the situation resulted in the Justice Department dropping the Cone of Silence.

Here then is an ACLU press release about Edmond's latest action.
-The Management

Government is Abusing “States Secrets Privilege” to Cover Up National Security Blunders, ACLU Says
January 12, 2005

WASHINGTON - The American Civil Liberties Union today urged the D.C. Court of Appeals to reinstate the case of former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, saying that the government is abusing the “state secrets privilege” to silence employees who expose national security blunders.

Contact: media@aclu.org

Brief Filed Today in Appeal by Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds

WASHINGTON - The American Civil Liberties Union today urged the D.C. Court of Appeals to reinstate the case of former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, saying that the government is abusing the "state secrets privilege" to silence employees who expose national security blunders.

"The government should be applauding, not punishing, employees who risk their jobs to expose threats to our nation’s security," said ACLU Associate Legal Director Ann Beeson. "If the lower court ruling stands, many thousands of government employees will be unprotected from retaliatory dismissal, with no recourse in the courts, and others will be even less willing to risk exposing misconduct or corruption."

Edmonds, a former Middle Eastern language specialist hired by the FBI shortly after 9/11, was fired in 2002 after repeatedly reporting serious security breaches and misconduct in the agency’s translation program. She challenged her retaliatory dismissal by filing suit in federal court. Last July, the district court dismissed her case when Attorney General John Ashcroft invoked the so-called state secrets privilege. The ACLU is representing Edmonds in the appeal.

The ACLU has announced its willingness to support other national security whistleblowers and has encouraged others to come forward. Notable whistleblowers such as John M. Cole and Frederic Whitehurst support Edmonds’ case, as do several senators, the families of 9/11 victims, the Project On Government Oversight and a long list of others. Many of them will be joining a friend-of-the-court brief to be filed later this month. Representatives of these groups will be available for interview at a noon news conference at the National Press Club on Wednesday, January 26.

In the brief filed today, the ACLU sharply criticizes the government’s "radical theory" that every aspect of the Edmonds’ case involves state secrets and therefore it cannot go forward. In accepting the government’s theory, the ACLU said, the district court relied on the government’s secret evidence but denied Edmonds the opportunity to prove her case based on non-sensitive evidence. That approach, the ACLU said, "made a mockery of the adversarial process and denied Ms. Edmonds her constitutional right to a day in court."

"As a U.S. citizen, I am disturbed that my government is imposing such severe punishment on truth tellers," Edmonds said. "I am pursuing this appeal not only on my own behalf but on behalf of government employees everywhere who understand that nothing is more important than protecting our security."

The state secrets privilege, when properly invoked, permits the government to block disclosure of particular documents that would cause harm to national security. In the Edmonds case, the government used the privilege not just to protect particular documents but to urge dismissal of the entire case.

History has shown that the government has relied on the state secrets privilege to cover up its own negligence. In the 1948 Supreme Court case Reynolds v. United States, the government claimed that disclosing a military flight accident report would jeopardize secret military equipment and harm national security. Nearly 50 years later, in 2004, the truth came out-the accident report contained no state secrets, but instead confirmed that the cause of the crash was faulty maintenance of the B-29 fleet.

The government is engaged in a similar cover-up in the Edmonds case, the ACLU said. In 2002, at the request of Senate Judiciary Committee members Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT), the FBI provided several unclassified briefings to Members of Congress in which it confirmed many of Edmonds' allegations.

More than two years later, the Justice Department retroactively classified those briefings, which were reported in the Congressional Record, and asked Members who had the information posted on their web sites to remove certain documents. The ACLU said the move was a blatant attempt to bolster the government’s efforts to dismiss Edmonds’case on state secrets grounds. The retroactive classification has also been challenged in a separate lawsuit brought by the Project On Government Oversight.

Only two weeks after the district court dismissed Edmonds’ case, FBI director Robert Mueller wrote a letter to Senator Grassley reporting that the Department of Justice Inspector General had completed a classified investigation and concluded that Edmonds’ allegations "were at least a contributing factor in why the FBI terminated her services."

Later this week, in response to a separate Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the Inspector General is expected to release an unclassified version of the report’s executive summary. The rest of the report will remain classified.

Oral argument in Edmonds’ case is scheduled for April 21, 2005. Ann Beeson will be arguing on behalf of Edmonds. Co-counsel in the case are: Melissa Goodman and Benjamin Wizner of the national ACLU; Art Spitzer of the ACLU of the National Capital Area; Mark Zaid of the Washington law firm Krieger and Zaid; and Eric Seiff of New York.

The ACLU brief is online at http://www.aclu.org/NationalSecurity/NationalSecurity.cfm?ID=17300&c=24.

An October 28, 2002 news release from Sen. Grassley’s office in support of Sibel Edmonds, with links to his letter to FBI Director Mueller and the transcript of a "60 Minutes" interview, is online at http://grassley.senate.gov/releases/2002/p02r10-28.htm.

A website about Edmonds’ case is online at http://www.justacitizen.com/. Nearly 7,000 people have already signed an online petition in support of her case.
Friday, January 7th, 2005
10:28 am
Curry to Osama: Put Up Or Shut Up
Here's the latest from the psychic-loving LA tech consultant who owns the Saudi Bin Laden Group websites.
-The Management

'Binladin: Where is Your Support for Your Muslim Brothers Now?' Encourages, Californian Owning Former Binladin Family Website
Thursday January 6, 1:22 pm ET

Christopher Curry, Technology Consultant for Shrimpo LLC, has challenged Osama Binladin and the Binladin family to provide aid for those thousands affected by the tsunami disasters in South-East Asia.
The proclamation for Binladin support is announced publicly on the website, http://www.saudi-binladin-group.com, a website formerly owned by the Binladin family which coincidentally expired on September 11, 2001. It remains a controversy whether or not the website expiration served as a trigger to the disastrous events which occurred on 9-11.

Curry developed a software mechanism to take control of Osama Binladin family's official website, whose domain registration expired simultaneously with the tragic events of September 11, 2001. His experiences will be included in an upcoming documentary 'Bin Laden: A Dynasty of Terror,' Joel Soler's follow up film to his successful 'Uncle Saddam.'

"Where is Your Support for Your Muslim Brothers Now?" is largely displayed on the former site of Osama Binladin's family empire. To date, there has been no public announcement from Osama Binladin or Al Qaeda regarding support to any of the disaster efforts. The website makes mention of the support offered by Europe, North America and Australia.

"It is fascinating to me and many others about the hypocrisy of a group, such as that of Binladin, which claims to support the aid of humanity and mankind through acts of God or Allah, yet do nothing to offer support to those very victims who may follow his doctrine. His acts of God are nothing but terrorism and hate, which are not acts of Allah," remarks Curry.

"There is no compassion for those he claims to protect; Indonesia, which harbors many Muslim extremists and Al-Qaeda are now ironically benefited by the generosity of the West and not of that of Binladin and his followers. I challenge the rich and very deep pockets of Binladin, family and his followers to put their money where their mouths are and provide support to the thousands of homeless and grieving people in Southeast Asia."

Christopher Curry and Shrimpo LLC are a consultancy group focused on streamlining business communications between the human interface and technology.
Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
1:48 pm
I received this very thoughtful note today from Ashok Malik of the Indian Express in response to my last post. The internet can be a marvelous thing.
-The Management

Dear Howard,

Thank you reading my article in The Indian Express and thank you even more for directing me to your thoughtful blog. I have just read your piece and, I'm afraid, feel you've missed the point as much you feel I have.

My article was based on personal experience. I happened to be in the United States on 9/11 and for about two months afterwards, including two weeks in New York in the second half of September 2001.

Looking back at that period still gives me the goose pimples. I remember walking past the Armoury in New York, looking at pictures of the "Missing" -- every human type, every colour was represented: white, black, Asian American, Chinese, Latino. It was difficult not to cry.

The coverage of the tragedy on television was no less moving. No bodies were shown, or needed to be, families weere not disturbed, the sanctity grief was respected. Yet you had to be a particularly strange of sort of person to not feel the wound, not want to share America's pain.

That is the precise point I was trying to make. Television networks do have to carry news of a disaster to viewers who may find the places being described unfamiliar. Yet is there no other way to convey calamity other than resorting to what is, bluntly, the lowest common denominator: rows and rows of bodies?

I intended my article as a narrow-focused critique of television journalism. Looking at how media covered a tragedy has nothing with America's response in terms of aid and help or whether some of the victims may have had issues with America.

I certainly don't hate America and never have. I respect the quantum of help the United states has offered countries affected by the tsunami disaster.

Yet I don't see a contradiction between those positions and criticism of how a television network, which may happen to be American-owned, reports a particular event and compare it to the high standards it set itself only three years earlier.

Feel free to put this up on your blog. The more debate it generates the better. Our profession can only be the richer for it.



Ashok Malik
The Indian Express
Monday, January 3rd, 2005
7:49 pm
Absence of Malik
Writing in the Indian Express, Ashok Malik waxes indignant at how U.S. media (as well as the Beeb) is covering the South Asian tsunami disaster, calling the ensuing wall-to-wall coverage the “Maniacal Grisly Tour.” In short, Malik, comparing coverage to 9/11, chides CNN and others for showing too many bodies.

Can CNN, BBC get away with this corpse show in ‘sensitive’ Manhattan?

After 9/11 they chanted privacy, sensitivity; Asian disaster open season to show bodies of men, women, children

By Ashok Malik

"...Unlike the aftermath of 9/11 — when not one dead body was shown on screen, not one ghastly image recorded for posterity, and about the only objectionable visual was of a man jumping to his death — Asia’s tsunami is open season.

Take the shots from CNN’s 10.00 pm bulletin last night. From Tamil Nadu, we see rows of dead bodies, a man carrying his dead child and, perhaps as primetime stomach churner, people reaching out to hold a child’s corpse.
From Banda Aceh, Indonesia, come pictures of rescue workers carrying victims, all arms and legs really, not quite the composure and dignity they may have wanted to put on for a TV shoot. The rows and rows of bodies continue — southern Sri Lanka one second, Thailand the next."

Far be it for me to blanche at criticism of the media. A decade ago, I started media criticism in the na-tion’s fifth-largest market and more recently, I have blasted how the media covered the run-up to the war in Iraq, how we continued to miss what was really going on and how our ignorance of the world contributes to our troubles.
And don’t confuse what I am about to write as diminishing in any way the memories of 9/11.
But while Malik is right that perhaps the world is witnessing a double standard of sorts when it comes to covering the horrors of the tsunami, the fact is that the natural disaster will likely kill hundreds of thousands and drastically alter the lives of many millions. What happened on that Tuesday morning in September pales in comparison.

There is a reason to bring those horrors into the livingrooms of the affluent West.
Until Christmas, most Americans had never heard of Sri Lanka or most of the rest of the affected nations, other than, perhaps, Thailand. Now that we know those countries exist, we need to see the stark pictures of the dead and dying to remind us of how good we have things and, more importantly, how much we have to offer.
To put it bluntly, the devastation is so great that the price of dignity is too high. The proof is that those able to give are giving and giving a lot. In amounts small and large, aid is pouring in to relief agencies from private citizens and yes, governments. And while the Bush administration was initially slow to react, there should be no doubt that, when all is said and done, the United States government will have kicked in billions, no small amount of it going to people who, until the tsunami hit, would have wished suffering upon us.
Perhaps they still do, but that does not matter. This is a rich nation with much to give.
“We’re going to be giving billions (in aid) before it’s over,” General Dana Demand, head of the local Air National Guard unit, told one of my colleagues at the Times Herald-Record today. Demand should know. His unit, which flies giant C-5A Galaxy cargo planes, is charged with transporting tons of food and medicine, as well as helicopters to help deliver it to far-flung disaster areas.
The point of this should not be lost on Malik.
The media coverage is surely grisly, but it is not maniacal.
Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
2:23 pm
Ambrose Indicted
FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. : VIOLATIONS: 18 U.S.C. § 1341 (mail fraud -
4 counts)
: 18 U.S.C. § 1344 (bank fraud -
2 counts)
: 18 U.S.C. § 2 (aiding and
: Notice of additional factors
(Mail Fraud)
At various times material to this Indictment:
1. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. was admitted to practice law in the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on October 31, 1979. His registered addresses for the practice
of law were 555 City Line Avenue, Suite 240, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania 19004 and Suite 101,
21 Bala Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania 19004.
2. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR.’s legal practice included the
representation of clients with claims against insurance companies and entities, mostly as the
result of injuries suffered during accidents.
3. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR., on behalf of clients who were injured
in accidents, filed claims against insurance companies and entities that insured the persons
responsible for his clients’ injuries, to recover compensation for his clients’ medical bills and for
their pain and suffering.
4. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. typically agreed to represent clients
with claims against insurance companies and entities in return for 30 to 40 percent of the amount
to be paid by the insurance companies at settlement or other dispositions of their cases.
5. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. maintained a trust account at Sovereign
Bank and another at PNC Bank for the deposit of settlement checks received by him on behalf of
his clients as the result of the settlement of their insurance claims or other disposition of their
6. Sovereign Bank was a financial institution with offices and banks in
Pennsylvania, the deposits of which were insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
(“FDIC”), certificate number 29950. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. maintained sole
control over trust account number 1409455187 at Sovereign Bank.
7. PNC Bank was a financial institution with offices and banks in Pennsylvania, the
deposits of which were insured by the FDIC, certificate number 6384. Defendant FRED JOHN
AMBROSE, JR. maintained sole control over trust account number 8867960422 at PNC Bank.
8. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. had a duty under the law to hold the
clients’ funds separate and apart from any funds belonging to him until the clients’ funds were
paid over to them.
9. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR., from at least the period of July 1998
through April 2001, used the mails in furtherance of a plan to obtain money, forged the
signatures of his clients in order to deposit checks into his trust accounts, and then commingled,
converted, misappropriated and otherwise misused funds totaling approximately $160,950
belonging to his clients on whose behalf he received those funds and for whom he was obligated
to hold the funds in trust. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. failed to notify numerous of
his clients of his receipt of insurance settlement checks, either prior to or after his deposit of the
checks into the trust accounts.
10. From on or about July 7, 1998, to on or about April 25, 2001, defendant
devised and intended to devise a scheme to defraud and to obtain money and property by means
of false and fraudulent pretenses, representations and promises.
It was part of the scheme that:
11. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. forged or caused the forgery of the
signature of his clients on releases submitted to insurance companies and entities so that they
would issue settlement checks made payable to the defendant and his clients.
12. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. forged or caused the forgery of the
signature of his clients on settlement checks payable to him and his clients and deposited the
checks into a trust account.
13. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. commingled, converted,
misappropriated and otherwise misused funds totaling approximately $160,950 in his trust
14. On or about the following dates, in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and
elsewhere, defendant
for the purpose of executing the scheme described above, and attempting to do so, and aiding and
abetting its execution, knowingly caused to be delivered by mail according to the directions
thereon, the following settlement checks:
Count Date Client Check Amount Insurance Company
1 9/23/99 O.D. $14,000 State Farm Mutual
2 10/26/99 W.D. $8,000 Allstate Indemnity
3 1/14/00 D.G. $17,500 Empire Insurance
4 4/24/00 E.C. $4,000 Allstate Indemnity
In violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1341 and 2.
(Bank Fraud)
1. Paragraphs 1 through 9 of Counts One through Four are realleged here.
2. From on or about July 7, 1998, to on or about January 14, 2000, defendant
knowingly executed and attempted to execute a scheme to defraud PNC Bank and to obtain
monies owned by and under the care, custody, and control of the Bank by means of false and
fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises.
It was part of the scheme that:
3. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. forged or caused the forgery of the
signature of his clients on settlement checks payable to him and his clients and deposited the
checks into his PNC Bank trust account number 8867960422.
4. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. commingled, converted,
misappropriated and otherwise misused funds totaling approximately $60,200 from his PNC
Bank trust account.
5. On or about the dates listed below, defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR., with
the forged signature of his clients, falsely and fraudulently deposited settlement checks into his
PNC Bank trust account:
Date Client Check Amount
7/16/98 A.C. $10,200
3/9/99 L.T. ( a minor child) $4,000
3/9/99 L.T. $8,000
5/7/99 C.M. $7,500
5/6/99 R.H. $5,000
8/5/99 N.F. $8,000
1/20/00 D.G. $17,500
In violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1344 and 2.
(Bank Fraud)
1. Paragraphs 1 through 9 of Counts One through Four are realleged here.
2. From on or about March 4, 1999, to on or about April 25, 2001, defendant
knowingly executed and attempted to execute a scheme to defraud Sovereign Bank and to obtain
monies owned by and under the care, custody, and control of the Bank by means of false and
fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises.
It was part of the scheme that:
3. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. forged or caused the forgery of the
signature of his clients on settlement checks payable to him and his clients and deposited the
checks into his Sovereign Bank trust account number 1409455187.
4. Defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR. commingled, converted,
misappropriated and otherwise misused funds totaling approximately $100,750 from his
Sovereign Bank trust account.
5. On or about the dates listed below, defendant FRED JOHN AMBROSE, JR., with
the forged signature of his clients, falsely and fraudulently deposited settlement checks into his
Sovereign Bank trust account:
Date Client Check Amount
3/9/99 B.T. $7,500
3/9/99 M.A. $8,750
4/6/99 S.R. $5,000
4/6/99 L.R. $15,000
5/14/99 E.M. $6,000
5/14/99 M.L. $6,000
8/11/99 J.S. $23,500
8/11/99 J.S. (a minor child) $3,000
9/23/99 O.D. $14,000
10/28/99 W.D. $8,000
4/25/00 E.C. $4,000
In violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1344 and 2.
1. In committing the offenses charged in Counts One through Six of this indictment,
a. Committed an offense in which the loss exceeded $120,000 as described
in U.S.S.G. § 2B1.1(b)(1).
b. Committed an offense involving 10 or more victims, as described in
U.S.S.G. § 2B1.1(b)(2)(A).
c. Committed an offense involving more than minimal planning, as described
in U.S.S.G. § 2B2.1(b)(1).
d. Committed an offense in which the defendant abused a position of public
and private trust, as described in U.S.S.G. § 3B1.3.
United States Attorney
Monday, December 13th, 2004
4:09 pm
Freddy Got Fingered
Fred Ambrose, the Bala Cynwyd attorney who disappeared in April, 2001 after trying to blame the Kimberly Ernest murder on an innocent man, has been arrested.
For his part in the plot to pin the blame on John Lambert, Ambrose was ordered to pay his family nearly $30 million after a civil trial. Investigators have now charged Ambrose with numerous counts of mail fraud for allegedly bilking millions from clients making injury claims.

Shortly before he was to appear at a deposition in libel case against him, Ambrose disappeared. Police found his rental car at the Wilmington, DE, Amtrak station. I later learned that Ambrose fled to England, where he found work as a barrister.

Story is developing...
Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
11:07 pm
My Way
My last view of Philadelphia is through the rearview mirror, looking back at Wadsworth Avenue as I head north, over one of the few bridges I didn’t burn in my decade plus in the city that clubs you back.
I am on my way to my new professional life and as Muddy blasts boastfully about his manhood and Elmore James wails about women who done him wrong, I spend the next three hours driving to the beat of the blues and thinking about what was and what will be. Driving through the night, I realize that I am missing one important song in my eclectic collection: Sinatra’s “My Way.”

Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew When I bit off more than I could chew. But through it all, when there was doubt, I ate it up and spit it out. I faced it all and I stood tall; And did it my way.

So my way got me the highway, which is taking me north, to Middletown, New York. It is three hours and a full circle, of sorts, to my destination, a small, feisty writer’s daily http://www.recordonline.com in the Hudson Valley, far from the big corner office overlooking the Khyber but back to my roots in the slam-bang of the newsroom.
But my way was a fun ride while it lasted, right from the start, when I had that inimitable japester Ed Engel go around picking up bags of garbage belonging to Ed Rendell; the head of the mob and the city’s top recycler. Not only did Engel bring back the trash, (which included cans of Slim Fast in Rendell’s garbage, earning him the nickname “Slim Fast Eddy”) but Engel also brought back a terrific story that started off with him getting stopped by police who were staking out the mobster’s house.
That piece set the tone for more than 10 years of hijinks that included, in no particular order, the late-great Thacher Longstreth throwing tomatoes at our political columnist (to pay off a bet), putting a couple of people in jail, including a corrupt mental health clinic operator and an Army MP who tried to sell me pictures of Dick Cheney’s hidey-hole and many, many tangles with the FBI, CIA, DEA and the White House .
We comforted the afflicted, especially one Vonnie Morgan, a tiny woman who lived without water for four years, forced to carry her disease-wracked 90-pound self out to a fire hydrant to procure water for drinking, bathing and cleaning. Our story got the water turned back on. We afflicted the comfortable, taking on the powerful, especially my favorite mensa member, one Vinny Fumo, the all-powerful State Senator and his even-more-brilliant attorney Dick Sprague (every journalist should have to withstand six hours of depositions by him to earn his or her press card. All kidding aside, Sprague is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met and an amazing attorney).
I went fishing with the mayor-to-be, John Street http://www.citypaper.net/browse/1999.shtml and his wor-thy opponent, Sam Katz, http://www.citypaper.net/articles/080599/feat.cov1.shtml whom I later embar-rassed myself in front of by trying to play golf for the first time http://www.citypaper.net/articles/2003-09-04/cover.shtml since my sticks were towed away, along with the car in which they were stored, back in New Haven sometime in the late ‘80s. I watched Rendell, now the governor, scrape humus with his finger out of a Styrofoam bowl, the sound of it recorded for posterity on the tape we used to transcribe the interview. And, most amazingly, I helped a 92-year-old sombitch named Ed Bacon skateboard through LOVE Park in protest of Street’s banning of skateboarders from the famous park he created. http://www.citypaper.net/articles/2002-10-31/pretzel.shtml
“Howard, I want you to do me a favor,” he said in that raspy voice of his one day. “I want you to help me get arrested riding a skateboard.”
He had me at hello. There is no way I was going to pass that up.

As the long stretch of the Northeast Extension grinds on, I smile at the thought of SOLLOG, a self-proclaimed seer who would fax me his predictions on world disasters seconds after they occurred, trying his delusional best to convince me that these events were his prophesies. SOLLOG, which stands for Son of Light, Light of God, was an easy target, good for a few laughs, especially when he represented himself, as God, in a case where he was accused of trying to run down a cop. I will never forget how, after the verdict, he asked the judge if his wife could bring him some sneakers because “"I have high arches, your honor, and the last time I was in jail, my shoes were killing me." http://www.citypaper.net/articles/050996/article016.shtml
Not too surprisingly, my SOLLOG stories rocketed around the net, culminating in frantic calls a few days after September 11 from European journalists. Apparently, SOLLOG sent emails that bounced all over Europe claiming to have predicted the attacks and that nuclear doom was impending. The emails spooked Europe. The journalists, from Germany, http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/ netzkultur/0,1518,157198,00.html and Denmark http://www.skive-gym.hugin56.net.uni-c.dk/ fag/samfundsfag/_aviser/e-terror.html wanted to know if SOLLOG was on the money. I filled them in on the fact that, not only was he not, but he was pretty much a loon
And then there was Saint Jacks, home of the five-dollar burger special and an ad that touched off an international incident.
The abridged version goes like this: Bar owner takes out an ad in City Paper, ad depicts Thai king Bhumibol Adulyadej as a bling-bling hipster, Thai nationals see ad, complain to Thai consu-late in New York, who fire off angry letter to bar. My reporter, eating a burger and drinking a beer, sees ad and brings it to me. I call consulate, deputy honcho there flies off the handle, threatens to cut off relations with U.S. if I don’t promise to stop ad. Brouhaha goes all the way up the chain to the Thai prime minister, who takes time out of his busy schedule to fire off angry missive to State Department demanding we stop ad. A few days later, I am inundated with thou-sands and thousands of angry emails from Thailand, http://www.citypaper.net/articles/2002-07-05/mailbag4.shtml including this beaut: “Fuck you, your mother, your dad, your wife and all your family with the elephant's cock."
Violence was promised, death was threatened and protests were said to be imminent.
Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, the ad never ran again, nobody was hurt and I can always bore new friends with the story of how I pissed off half of Thailand.

But it wasn’t all fun and games.
Under my watch, the Philadelphia City Paper became a journalistic force, earning a reputation as a newspaper that would take on stories that either no one else would touch, or would wait for us to kick open the door before they rushed in. The Fumo stories written by two of my favorite reporters - Scott Farmelant and Noel Weyrich - jump quickly to mind. So too does the brilliant work of Ralph Cipriano http://www.citypaper.net/ongoing/landi.shtml, who had the balls to sue the Inquirer for millions and who took on well-connected developers, pointing out how they failed to install the proper fire safety equipment, something that royally roiled the fire depart-ment, who lost good men in a high-rise without sprinklers and were damned if any greedy bastard would pull the same stuff again.
To me, a reporter at heart, no rabid ideologue, it didn’t matter whose ox we were goring, or if we were oxing Al Gore, who, we reported, took tens of thousands of dollars in donations from known drug dealers who attended one of his fund-raisers while being actively investigated by the DEA.
That was from one of my favorite stories, the Dominican Connection http://www.citypaper.net/articles/072700/cs.cover1.shtml, which I wrote and reported along with Weyrich, one of the best thinkers I have ever worked with and Jim Barry, now a producer for CBS in Philly who is one of the best reporters I have ever met.
It all started, like many stories in my life, with a seemingly wacky phone call, from a guy claiming that his law enforcement career was whacked by the CIA.
Putting aside thoughts that the man might be clad in a tinfoil derby, I listened. Several boxes of documents later - including reams of internal FBI and DEA memos and classified CIA reports - and we had a pretty amazing story.
Seeing as how I always tell my reporters to tell me the story in one sentence, here it is: A group of narcotics officers stumbled upon a plan by a State Department-backed Dominican political party to raise campaign funds by selling drugs in Philly, New York and Massachusetts and saw their careers cut short as a result.
It was one of my favorites, along with our coverage of 9/11, the Republican National Convention (where I was kicked out for trying to bring in my Israeli-issued gas mask), having John Ashcroft bar me from a press conference because he didn’t want to risk being questioned by a print journalist http://www.citypaper.net/articles/2003-08-28/pretzel.shtml and the aforementioned visit to the place where Cheney hides in a pinch - Site R - where our stumbling upon the base kicked off an espionage investigation that I chronicled in a story called Chasing Shadows http://www.citypaper.net/articles/031402/cs.cover.shtml
Helping put the kibosh on a scam by a group of knucklehead lawyers and private detectives to bilk the city out of tens of millions by exposing their phony scheme http://www.citypaper.net/articles/010799/cover.shtml was another personal highlight. So too were the scores of awards won by me and my staff.

Years ago, my wife wanted to move to Philly, home of her father - Don Drake, one of the best newspapermen ever. I balked, disparaging the city, fearful that it would take years to build the kinds of contacts I had in New England.
Funny how life works.
I love Philadelphia. After more than a decade, it became part of my soul and, I hope in some small measure, it was a likewise relationship. I have covered, or directed coverage, of every major development to transpire during that time and helped create and guide a paper that be-came a must-read. I wrote a column, Pretzel Logic, that was hopefully as much fun to read as it was to write. I know people in every neighborhood and few are the places where I don’t bump into someone who induces a smile.
I have a house in Mt. Airy, in my mind the best neighborhood in America and certainly the most racially harmonious. I have friends and sources and many, many people who have touched my life in ways more profound than they can ever know.
As I drive north, to my new job at the Times Herald-Record, a well-written tabloid in the Hudson Valley where I was hired to help a talented group of writers kick some serious ass, I think about how little Philadelphians realize how much they have.
And I think about how much fun I had telling them.

For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught. To say the things he truly feels; And not the words of one who kneels. The record shows I took the blows - And did it my way!
Monday, November 8th, 2004
6:04 pm
Standing Up To the God Squad
This is the lesson some Democrats are taking away from last week's 3.5 million-vote drubbing at the hands of the holy - a good number of whom believe that Saddam Hussein himself bought the tickets of those who flew into the Twin Towers.
That, in the words of Jennifer Granholm - Michigan's very able, very appealing Democratic governor who would be considered Presidential material if not for the fact that she was born north of the border - "we should not be afraid of saying God'" (as reported in Sunday's Times).
There's nothing wrong with God or saying God. But the Democrats will never capture the White House by trying to out-Bush the Bushies by out-Godding the God-fearing who came out of nowhere (at least in terms of electoral politics) last Tuesday.
With President Bush's first legitimate victory comes holy hubris on the part of those who feel that God himself has spoken on such issues as abortion, gay rights and the war.
Already, Pennsylvania's Republican senior senator has suffered their wrath, bending himself up into a 74-year-old pretzel trying to appease their concerns that, as chairman of the Senate Judiciary, he might look favorable upon a judge who, heaven forbid, might look favorably on Row V. Wade.
Now, as the Democratic Party bends itself similarly, trying to figure what went wrong, there is a real danger that the answer they find will come from the Bible.
Don't get me wrong. The Bible is a fine book and a wonderful guide for many to conduct their lives.
But that doesn't mean it should be shoved down our throats or that somehow, the Good Book contains the roadmap not only to redemption, but to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and to both chambers of congress.
First the party needs a strong candidate, one who did not spend the last 20 years as the chief cook and bottle washer for the Waffle House. Secondly, that candidate must remain true to the party's core values, which include the Founding Fathers' belief that, while God is good, so is keeping your feelings about Him private.

We are fighting because God wants us to.
The words of Osama or the words of George?
In Arabic, the words for a God-based political party are hizb (party) and Allah (God). In English, the transliteration becomes Hezbollah, or, more accurately but less used, Hizballah.
The basic theory behind Hizballah works for either Al-Qaeda or the Republican Right (or for zealots of any religion, for that matter. My fellow Landsmen who believe that God wants to wipe out the Arabs (including some who helped guide our insane Mesopotamian escapade) are equally meshugganah.
Face it.
Those people so swayed by God that they ignored how this administration lied us into war were not going to be swayed by John Kerry quoting bible verses or telling us how he used to be an altar boy.
They are not going to be swayed by the next John-the-Baptist-Come-Lately either.
Over the next week or so I plan on asking some leading Democrats with a clue and others what they think is the best course for their party.
Stay tuned.
Friday, November 5th, 2004
9:37 pm
More chats with jihadis
Here is another interesting chat with a jihadi who talks about going to fight in Kashmir and sharing videos of mujahideen slitting the throats of their kuffir - non-believers.

It's a bit difficult to wade through, but worth it.

By the way, for those who want a closer look at mujahideen handiwork, in this case a beheading, check out http://www.fsb.ru/history/book/white/2-3.html

-The Management

Assalamualikum sister how r u

salam~ fine Alhamdulillah
and you brother?

alhumdullilah i m f9
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
did you get a message in the mail?

yes sister i got many msgs but which 1 u r talking about

one last night i sent

yes alhumdullilah i got that

good Alhamdulillah
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
inshallah on 15th i will go to pak occupied kashmir there i will give that to the brothers
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
from there i will inshallah go to the place i was talking about
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
yes might help and there allways a hospital around
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
so you get to go be with your brothers that is good Alhamdulillah
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
not really but i will manage inshallah i dont get the permission from here but hope there i have 1 brother who was with me in our train.... now a days he is commander there and he have the othority he is my good friend inshallah i will get permission from him and he will let me inside
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
good Insha'Allah
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
any way how your days r sister
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
i have heared a saying that is like when there is a wish there is a way
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
yes and sometimes they come true Insha'Alllah
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
hope u will find some more things for brothers when i will be back
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
I talked to brother abderrahamane yesterday
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
yes will be looking for them
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
i also had talked with him i think the day befor yesterday
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
hopeufully he will go home
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
where is he now a days i didnt ask him
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
he still in the city he said he has a cousin I think that lives there
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
some times he talked v dangeriously when i talked with him he says that i say hello to shaikh os.. from him
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
ha ha ok
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
how i can say that to him when i havent seen him in my hole life
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
I don't know maybe he thinks you know him?
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
and if u want to say some thing say salam to him how can he acpet hello from any muslim
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
its illogical if i know him how can i be online now a days when they r insearch of his people
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
yes i was just saysin it in a joy
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
his best Jihad would be if he makes it his own
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
your site
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
sister i have these movies in v good resolution inshallah i was talking about in cd i will inshallah mail them to u
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
my site is http://islam4all.1afm.com/1feesabilillah.html
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
sister my ideas r that i will inshallah make a group and upload the clips of the full movies i have so that u can put them on web that these r trailers of the movies v have which 1 u want what u think sister
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
yes would be good, but size is the problem yahoo is only 5mb the movies would have to be split
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
yes need to do more work for that
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
I have a splitter and joiner that I can up load to group to use
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
sister can u download _A Mujaahid slitting the throat of a Russian Kaafir (Colour) from http://www.geocities.com/almukmeen/m_video.htm i cant down load that and mail it to me
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
i can make clips from windows xp movie maker
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
I keep trying I guess there having bandwidth problems
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
cutting throat of a russian who make rape to muslim sister i will inshallah make the 1 when i will go inside inshallah but now i need this for brother
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
I'll try later to download it
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
no but the brother runs http://lvo@lvo.info/ named islamil sent this to mee he also have sent me the clip in colour version but that was not the full move
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
does he have full version
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
no i dont think so
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
here the pictures of it but not movie
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
could copy and put pictures on website
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
yes sister this movie i was talking about
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
make a flash movie out of the pictures
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
exastly thats how brothers cut throats in india and kashmir
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
but the great sound of him which make iman much strong ??????
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
i mean how can brothers will hear the sound of him when his throat is cutting when v make the flash movie
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
but i dont know how to make the flash
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
you have audio clip send me I see if my flash player will add it
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
ok sister inshallah
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
send to khadejaah@arabia.com bigger files stroage there
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
will work on it tonight Alhamdulillah
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
inshallah i will sent it to u sister
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
will make a nice clip for website Alhamdulillah
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
inshallah sister
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
so is there lots of fighting going on right now , with the weather getting warmer?
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
yes sister alhumdullilah lions r out of their caves after snow is melt
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
pls make dua for me that i can also cut the throat of any kafir inshallah its my u can say dream
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
(`·–• JFS •´¯¥¯`• VM•–·´) says:
I'll send you lots of them -
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
no we need the 1 who came against us they r ordinary christians
ÃÈæÍãÒÉ ÝÏÃí áÔßÑØíÈå says:
which work with u
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